Busy summer weekend

This weekend has been wonderfully busy as only a late summer weekend can be.  Saturday was the Great Latch On, we were one of over a hundred mama/baby pairs there.  I even won a door prize!  That is something that doesn’t happen often, I am miserable at raffles.

From there, we went to PaperSource to pick up envelopes that would fit the pictures I wanted to send out with the thank you notes.  So that task can actually get done.  They’re all put together and mostly addressed at this point, I only have a couple more return addresses to add to them.

After a long nap in our driveway, we went to the Maryland Science Center with friends.  We will be going more often as we just got a family membership.  It was a little crazy there with all the kids, but we had fun,  The Baby Dragon is apparently perfectly capable of climbing up and down a 5 foot tall ships ladder with only minimal hovering by his parents.

Today we woke up at a leisurely nine am, had eggs and guacamole for breakfast, and proceeded to get some housework done.  Papa tested some wire brushes on the rusty porch railing and decided that we really do need the dremel tool to get into the corners before priming and repainting it.  So he went to Home Depot while I watched the Dragon and attempted to coordinate picking up a slide from a friend. 

When he got home, I stepped out to return library books and pick up the slide.  Which had to be strapped to the outside of the hood of the car. Thank goodness for bungee cords.  When I got that home, everyone helped assemble it, and by help, I mean climbed all over it and used the slide while I attempted to tighten screws.  Then weeding, more weeding, and yet more weeding, dinner, and nursing the Dragon to sleep while papa started diaper laundry.

All in all, a wonderful weekend.  Sunny and full.


Todo this week:  Actually mail the thank you notes, packages of returns, and a sold wrap.
Todo this week:  More weeding.

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Summer Adventures in Maine

We’ve just returned from our adventure for this summer.  We visited family up in Maine, camped a couple different places, and crashed in their apartment for a couple nights.  Elder sister and her boyfriend live up there and invited us to come visit.  The stars aligned and we decided to go up for the same week that elder brother and his wife would be visiting as well.

On July fourth, we three set out in the car around 2pm.  Roughly 4 hours later than we intended to set out on a drive that google maps said should take roughly 8 hours.  It went smoothly, but the adventure that is travelling with a baby meant that it took us roughly 12, plus an hour for trying to find somewhere with cell phone signal as pulling up onto someone’s land at 2am in the pitch dark where a garage light is on, but no sign of tents or people we know is quite nerve wracking.  A while later we find signal and wake up elder sister and she tells us we were in the right place and that she’ll meet us on the porch and show us to our tent.  Where we promptly collapse to emerge at nearly 10am the next morning when it gets too hot in the tent.

Our hosts, were lovely.  They opened their home to 2 friends and 4.5 strangers and made it feel like a home away from home.  So wonderful. The first morning we all had eggs for breakfast and went swimming.  The next day elder brother and his wife were due to arrive, but their plane was delayed and then the flight cancelled, so they came in the next afternoon by bus from Boston.  On our way down to pick them up, we stopped at the Bath Heritage Days where we watched a bit of a Trolley Pull, a few volleys of the team pumped fire-hose spraying contest, and wandered around the art vendors area.  Then we headed to Portland to pick up the new arrivals, drove to Whole Foods to pick up a picnic, and wandered around the Portland Head Lighthouse.  It was quite uncomfortably hot, but family was accommodating and water was available, so we wandered around and saw lighthouse, fort, and a ruin whose label we did not find.

And there will be more details later about where we went and what we ate.  Much like RAGBRAI we ate our way around Maine.  The lobsters were tasty, the pickles divine.  The whoopie pies immense.

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Starting a New Year

It’s January, the beginning of a new year.  Our baby is becoming much more mobile.  He’s grabbing and banging and babbling in ways that were simply too far away to imagine just a few months ago.  We’ve traveled to the midwest 3 more times since I posted last.  Twice for weddings, and once for the holidays.

We continue to be blessed with a sturdy healthy baby that takes our rather random scheduling decisions in stride with a minimum of hollering.  In fact, the only time he has screamed for the duration of a car ride is when I was giving a friend and her husband a ride to, and then from, the airport for their holiday travel.  Her poor husband was stuck in the backseat between 2 carseats and it was not a comfortable ride.

The holidays were wonderful.  We spent Christmas itself with grandparents and aunts and uncles all around.  The tree was purchased and decorated at the last minute.  The cheesecake lasted forever.  I’m not even kidding.  We ate some first on Christmas eve, then took it to the Black Hills, served it, possibly twice, brought it home and finished it right before New Year’s Eve.  It was a large (and very tasty) cheesecake.  I should figure out if that recipe can be halved.

After Christmas, we went to visit great grandparents and extended family in the Hills.  Those gatherings are always a whirlwind and amazing.  This was both, as expected.  Our contingent stayed at a cabin in Custer State Park that was wonderful.  Plenty of room and the continental breakfast each morning was a wonderful way to start the day.

The day after New Year’s we flew home, and have started working out a new routine with a mobile baby.  He’s crawling better and better each day.  Childproofing is begun in earnest, but sadly nowhere near finished.  That said, I doubt that childproofing is ever truly finished.

May the new year bring surprises and blessings to each of you.

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New Kinds of Adventure

When I started this blog, it was to write about the adventures of life.  Big things.  Exciting things.  Like the Camino de Santiago, doing RAGBRAI and biking the C&O Canal towpath. 


Well.  Life happened.  None of those posts got written.  And now I’ve embarked on an even greater adventure.  I had a child.  My first.  He’s a wonderful, big boy going on 2 months now.  My I may post my birth story, I may not, we’ll see.  At any rate, he arrived naturally nearly 3 weeks after his due date.  He is the apple of my eye and any number of other trite things one says about folks they love dearly.


So we did RAGBRAI last summer, right before I got pregnant.  The C&O towpath is nearby and we’re thinking to bike it next summer with the grandparents and the wee one in a sidecarrier.  And the Camino, well, the Camino is on hold for a while.  I’d still love to, but I’ve never been the sort to quit my job and go wandering, and I’m probably not going to manage to do that any time soon.  But it’s there, and I’ll keep dreaming.


For now, my travel is more family focussed:  The recent reunion in Denver was fabulous.  I’m so glad we went.  Camping afterwards was great.  It’s definitely something to get used to, camping with a newborn, but it was wonderful.  That will get it’s own post sometime soon so that I remember the decisions that made it possible.


And my adventures, for the moment are more quotidian:  Did I get much done today around the house.  Did the baby eat well, sleep well, and stay out of trouble.  That last one isn’t actually much of an issue for a little while longer.  He’s not really able to get into much.  Though he will grasp a teething ring if one of us puts it in his hand.  Aah, the accomplishments of an infant.

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